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PDA Classroom

Remote Data Entry for Teachers On-the-Go....

PDA Classroom is a "must have" for teachers who teach in a non-traditional classroom environment (e.g., PE teachers, coaches, band directors, etc.), and do not have access to a classroom workstation.

Once a teacher's PDA is synchronized in the morning, s/he can carry the PDA anywhere and collect daily or period attendance and perform basic Mark Entry for their classes or sections. Teachers can synchronize during the day or at the end of the day to submit data to the Schoolmaster database. PDA Classroom is a great way to handle data collection during field trips or for those times when substitute teachers are needed.

In addition to data collection, PDA Classroom also allows teachers with appropriate access rights to view the following for students in their classes or sections.

  • Student Primary Data including pictures and IDs
  • Rosters / Sections / Schedules
  • Primary contact information (adults)
  • Current day attendance (as of last synchronization)
  • Health and Security alerts
  • User-defined fields
  • Test History
  • Transportation
  • Staff Primary Data and schedules

Other PDA Applications

For information on licensing our Palm applications, contact Schoolmaster Sales at 800/733-0922 or schoolmaster.sales@tylertech.com.

Attendance Entry Using PDA Classroom

Class Roster Attendance

Palm Class Roster view

Section Roster Attendance

Palm Section Roster view

Tasks Menu

Use to quickly mark attendance
for the entire class or section.
Task Menu Options

Mark Entry Using PDA Classroom

Enter Section Marks
as Numeric or Alpha
Select Numeric
Enter Class Marks for Subjects/Skills as Numeric/Alpha
Enter Marks
Select Up to 3 Comments from the school's comment list
Select Comment